All posts for the month October, 2021

We are very excited to finally start playing badminton again after a year and a half. Play and registration begins on Oct 25. Here is a copy of our registration form, and our playing schedule is here. In addition, players need to register with Badminton Ontario with this link:!/login. Here are some videos that document the process:


Payments may be made by cheque or cash in person, or by emt to  There are some new covid protocols to follow, so please note the following:

• Anyone over the age of 18 must be double vaccinated with 14 days post their second vaccination. The Board reserves the right to audit this at any time. Please bring proof of vaccination and ID to your first night of play, and it will be recorded on your registration

• Change rooms are NOT available.  Please come ready to play.

• Participants must only be in the places allowed by the permit.  (Our permit has these areas listed:  121 Hallway, 130 Side Entrance/Exit, 131 Hallway, 134 Gym, 138 Side Entrance/Exit, 140 Washroom, 142 Washroom)

• All participants must complete the self-screening check for COVID-19 symptoms each night.  The Ontario COVID self-assessment is here.  I will have some paper copies available at the desk if required. 

• An administrator of the group must keep a log of all those that are there for contact tracing.

• All participants must wear a mask into the building and when not actively participating in the program.  In other words, masks must be on unless on the court.

• If someone is sick, they cannot enter the building

• People not actively participating in your group’s program are not allowed into the building, so no spectators are allowed. Parents may come in at the start, and can return at the end to pick up their child.

I will keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at the gym entrance.  I encourage people to use it frequently. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.