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Nine Falcon’s competed in the first GBDBA Junior Tournament co-hosted by Bracebridge and Gravenhurst using Gravenhurst gyms.

Four boys competed in the U11 age category.  They used a round robin format playing 2 games to 11 with a tie-breaker to 5 points if necessary.  With 8 players in the pool that meant 7 matches per player.  All the players skill levels were very similar.  The matches were very close and the 5 point tie-breaker was frequently used.  Om Patel finished B Champion.  Jake Reynolds was C Champion with Cameron Bird as C Finalist.  D Champion was Nolan Harbridge.

Julianna Richardson was our only female competitor and finished as C Champion in the GSU15.

In BSU15 we had 2 players.  A strong showing by Morgan Gillan led to him securing C Championship in a very tough category.  A first year player, AJ McGill, won his very first match and then ran into some very tough players but made a great showing for his debut in tournament play.

In BSU17 Shrey Patel lost his final match, a very hard fought match, to end up B Finalist.

Dhir Patel was playing up and age category in U17 (he is a U15 player) but played amazing badminton to beat a Machi player in the finals in two games, 21-15 and 21-16 finishing A Champion!