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Gravenhurst Falcons had some excellent results from our District Junior Championships that were held here in Gravenhurst on March 7 and 8.  Here is a summary of our players achievements:


Om Patel 3rd in singles
3rd in doubles (partner Luke Mallion of Angus)
U12 Girls
Julianna Richardson B Finalist in singles
A Champion in mixed
Danielle Beaverstock C Champion in singles
A Finalist in doubles (partner Naomi Rositsan of Favourite)
C Champion in mixed (partner Stanislav Yelisyeyev of Favourite)
U12 Boys
Brett Reynolds A Champion in singles
A Finalist in U14 doubles
A Finalist in mixed (partner Mica Boychyn of Midland)
Dhir Patel B Champion in U14 singles
A Finalist in U14 doubles
A Champion in mixed
Morgan Gillan A Finalist in singles
U14 Boys
Shrey Patel C Champion in singles
C Champion in doubles (partner Riley Bosetti of Midland)
C Champion in mixed (partner Carmelle Philips of Midland)