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While most have been enjoying other sports and summer fun Dhir has been working hard at his badminton skills practicing 2 or 3 times a week and has successfully made it to the top 5 who will be competing as part of the GBDBA Summer Games Team. He is currently ranked 2nd out of the six who were chosen to try out for the top 5 positions.  (The 6th is on call in case an emergency replacement is needed but is normally not permitted to compete at the games.)

This is quite a remarkable achievement for someone who is only 13 and initially was considered too young to even try out!

This tournament is an amazingly FUN experience from a spectator point of view as there is ample cheering because of the team aspect.

If you able to and are at all interested it would be great to see support for Dhir at the Games.  It is a bit of a hike but I’m sure that you would really enjoy the experience.   It sheds a different light on the world of badminton.

The tournament runs Friday, Aug. 12 through Sunday, Aug. 14 at the Mississauga Valley Community Center.  Details can be obtained by going to:
click on Ontario Summer Games and follow the directions from there.

If you’re interested in going and have any questions at all give me a phone call at 705 687 5619.