All posts for the month March, 2017

There were several very strong positives for the Falcons who played at this tournament.  Perhaps the least expected was the victory by Cameron Bird and Om Patel over their arch nemesis, the team of Demetrios Margou and Ethan Zhang, in a very exciting and hard fought 3-game match.  This is the first time that Cameron and Om have managed to defeat this team so everyone was very proud and happy.

Another strong positive was the play of Morgan Gillan and Thomas Battistini in BDU15.  They finished second losing to only one team.  It wasn’t just their strong placement – it was how well they played individually and as a team especially considering that 2 weeks ago they were really struggling.

Another somewhat unexpected positive was the strong play by Shrey Patel in U19 Singles.  He played one of his best matches ever in defeating Joshua Um of Newmarket in the semifinals in a 3 game match.  He showed great poise and determination as well as a very intelligent attack.

The final in BSU19 was all Falcons as Dhir Patel joined Shrey after having defeated the number one seed Jake Pridham from Machi.  This was a much anticipated and exciting match as Dhir had defeated Jake in their last meeting but with considerable difficulty.  This time Dhir was prepared and controlled the match from beginning to end and won in two decisive games with a lot of hard work and some amazing shots.  Dhir managed to defeat an exhausted Shrey in 2 games to win BSU19.