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Cameron Bird and Om Patel attended their first ever sanctioned Provincial B tournament in Bowmanville.  Both Falcons worked very hard and played up to the higher level of competition.

In Singles Cameron won his first match in 2 games and then faced the eventual champion.  He hung in very well in the first game and was ahead at 17 points but then his opponent made some very good shots and stole that game.  This rattled Cameron a little and the score wasn’t as close in the second game.  Om lost his first two matches but the second match was extremely close and both games not being decided until the last few points.

In Doubles the boys got a break when their first round opponents, the number one seed, withdrew.  The boys took advantage of this and squeezed by two very close matches to move into the finals.  There they played a very strong team who were very accurate with their shots as well as keeping our boys off balance.  Cameron and Om did come home with the Silver Medal – no trivial achievement for their first ranked Junior B tournament.

Playing this tournament gave Cameron and Om experience that only this level of competition can give you.  By the end of the day they were playing with more confidence and were reacting to strength in their opponents with strategy rather than panic.

William Nunnunmacher and Desmond Gauthier were the only Falcons competing in the third tournament of the GBDBA circuit. This was a doubles event and this young team has become one of the best GBDBA U13 teams.
As they were the only U13 boys teams entered in this event they were entered in GDU15. The girls gave them good games but couldn’t manage to win any matches against our young team. William and Desmond are beginning to play very good doubles with strong service and service return as well as looking for the holes in their opponents defense. Well done!