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Great year for the Falcons!

Winter Games: Dhir and Shrey made the team and the team finished 4th.  This was an all time high for GBDBA in recent memory.  The 3-4 Tie was played against TDBA and was lost 5-4.  How close can you come to winning a medal!!  Well done to Dhir and Shrey and to all the members of the GBDBA team.

GBDBA Championships:  Dhir and Shrey won U19 Doubles without really being challenged. Then they finished one-two in Singles with Dhir withholding excellent play by Shrey who forced many very tough rallies.

Cameron and Om won U13 Doubles while our new youngster team of Desmond (Gauthier) and William lost their first match and then won the rest finishing first in C flight.  In Singles there were 3 Falcons in the semifinals – Cameron, Om and Desmond.  The eventual champion was the Machi player.  He defeated Cameron first and then Om in the Finals.  Desmond went on to finish 2nd in the B flight.

Cameron teamed up with Kate Wang of Midland and finished as B Champions.

Our sole competitor in U17 was Morgan Gillan.  Partnering with Knight Hawk’s Ashley Smith in Mixed and Winston Young in Doubles he finished first in B flight  Mixed and third in Doubles.

School teams:  Shrey was the only Falcon to play for GHS.  Playing Singles he won MPS and GBSSA which qualified him to travel to Windsor to compete at OFSSA.  In his first 3 matches he lost, won and lost and was not permitted to compete at the C level because he was considered a club player — a new and very controversial rule for singles players at OFSAA.

Morgan teamed up with Ashley Smith and won both MPS and GBSSA at the junior level.

Om and Cameron surprised everyone.  They played Intermediate division (Grades 7 & 8) despite only being in Grade 4 ….. and they won!!

Desmond Gauthier won the Junior Boys Singles in his rookie season!