All posts for the month March, 2019

Six Falcons participated in the last GBDBA tournament enjoying the badminton-only facilities of the Machi Training Center.  Black walls, high ceilings, indirect lighting and badminton lines only make playing at Machi a special event for our players.

In his rookie tournament Aiden Courville was D Finalist winning a true character match 22-20, 23-21. He showed a real ability to stay cool under pressure and to aim his shots.  As his technique improves these qualities will make him a formidable opponent.

His younger brother Colton won his first match in a tournament 21-19, 21-11 and lost some very close matches.

The Patel brothers, Shrey and Om, each won their respective age categories – Shrey winning U19 and Om U13. Each had to survive one very tight match to finish with the gold.  Om’s first match was won in 3 against an opponent from Machi.  The rallies where long and the game well played and kept the spectators on the edges of their seats right to the end.  Shrey’s second match against an opponent from Alliston also went 3 and was decided in the last few rallies.

William Nunnemacher won his first match moving to B where he played probably the hardest match of his young career losing in 3 to a Machi opponent.  He couldn’t have worked harder and never quit running until the final shot hit the floor.  His next match came very quickly and he just couldn’t recover both physically and emotionally quickly enough to play like he had in his marathon match.

Cameron Bird is U13 but played in the U15 event.  He came within a hair of taking the gold. His first match was against the eventual champion once again against a Machi opponent.  Cameron took him to 3 games and some smart strategy by his opponent made the difference in the third game.  Cameron had to work to win his remaining games but no one came as close to defeating the champion as Cameron.

Congratulations to our 6 Falcons.  It was great to watch everyone pushing so hard and playing so well!