As the cooler weather approaches, and the leaves begin to turn, its time to get registered for Badminton in Gravenhurst! This is the most up to date info on our program.  The Activity guide was set before we got our schedule confirmed for gym time from the school board.  Registration will be held at the GPS gym Sept 18 and 20 from 6 to 7 pm, with play beginning on Sept 25.

Junior – Grades 4-12 – $60 1 night/wk , $80 2 nights/wk (includes Falcons t-shirt)

Monday 6-730 GPS
Wednesday 6-730 GPS

A mix of instruction and fun. Will teach basic to advanced techniques and strategies, while allotting time for fun and games.

Adult – $5/night to a maximum of $50

Monday 730-930 GPS

Fun recreation for high school aged players and older. Instruction provided if requested.

All programs require indoor gym shoes and clothing suitable for recreation. We have a limited number of loaner racquets. Goggles are mandatory for anyone under 19 (we have a limited number to loan, but recommend you purchase your own).

Congratulations to Dhir who won the BU15 Singles at the Ontario Provincial Junior B Championships! Not only did he win but he did it with relative ease.

At the same tournament Dhir and Shrey won their first match of BDU17 and then lost in the second round in a very close match to a team from E-badminton.

In school play Dhir and Shrey won MPS Doubles meeting Tyler Blair and Matthew Schmanda of Huntsville 3 times – each time a 3 game thriller. They had an easier time winning the GBSSA Championships At OFSAA (provincial championships) they won their first match and lost the second moving to B.
Here they won their first moving to quarterfinals where they lost their final match – a very tight match.

Cameron and Om played Doubles for GPS even thought they are not yet actually Juniors. They played very well posting a 6 and 1 won-loss record.

Morgan finished 3rd in Intermediate Singles playing for Monck P.S.

Congratulations to all! More detailed information will appear in the next issue of Overtime. Make sure that you pick up a copy!

What a great weekend for the Falcons who participated in the GB Junior Championships on the weekend. Every player came away with at least one medal and each medal was earned through hard work and making accurate shots under pressure. When there were losses the players walked off the court with heads held high because they knew that they had played well and given their best.

Perhaps our most unexpected accomplishment came in BS13 when Cameron Bird won his opening game in his semifinal match against Demetrios Margou of Machi.  Demetrios had always beaten our boys without a great deal of challenge so this was a huge step forward for Cameron.  Demetrios did manage to win the match in 3 exciting games. The match drew the attention of everyone in the gym and was given a resounding applause – something rarely expected for a U13 match.

Om Patel had made his way to the finals with relative ease and then met Demetrios in the finals.  Om fell in 2 games but came away with the silver medal.

Still in B13 William Nunnenmacher displayed some magic of his own.  After losing his opening match he went on to win 3 consecutive 3-game matches to become the C champion.

In BS15 Morgan Gillan lost in the semifinals of A, 18 and 18, to the eventual champion.  Thomas Battistini finished 2nd in C and Matthew Montross took gold in D.

In U19 Dhir Patel was seeded number one and did eventually win but only after winning a very close match in the semifinals against Tyler Blair of Bracebridge.  Tyler won the first game and fought hard all the way to the end with Dhir surviving 21-18 in the third game.  Shrey lost to an Alliston opponent in one of the longest matches of the day.  Once in B he didn’t have much trouble in securing the B championship.

In Mixed Cameron continued his wizardry on the courts. Partnered with Alicia Lim they managed to take out the number 2 seed before finishing second A.

Dhir and Shrey partnered with girls from Midland in MxD19.  Both teams played extremely well against very tough competition with Dhir finishing 2nd in A and Shrey winning the B.  In U15 Mixed Morgan teamed with Claire Lim and finished 2nd in A – another strong showing.  For both Claire and Alicia this was their first championships and both handled the pressure very well and contributed strongly to the success of their teams.

Sunday was devoted to Doubles.  In B15 Morgan and Thomas lost their opening match but then cruised through their opposition on their way to taking the C championship.  Matthew paired with a player from Bracebridge and they finished 2nd in D.

In B19 Dhir and Shrey were seeded 4th as a result of having lost their opening match in the final regular tournament of the season.  They therefore had to face the number one seed in the semifinals.  The boys had practiced very hard since that late season defeat and it showed as they defeated the Machi team in a tough 3 game match.  This was a real confidence builder and they cruised through the final to take the A championship.

The final match of the day featured Cameron and Om in another thriller against their arch rival from Machi.  Cameron and Om had unexpectedly defeated the Machi team in the last tournament of the season so we expected that team to have done their homework and be tougher this time.  This proved true as the Machi team trounced our boys in the opening game.  After some adjustments our boys won the second and third in two very close games that could have gone either way until the final point of the match.  This was a great way to end the competitive season for (most) of the Falcons … with an A Gold!

There were several very strong positives for the Falcons who played at this tournament.  Perhaps the least expected was the victory by Cameron Bird and Om Patel over their arch nemesis, the team of Demetrios Margou and Ethan Zhang, in a very exciting and hard fought 3-game match.  This is the first time that Cameron and Om have managed to defeat this team so everyone was very proud and happy.

Another strong positive was the play of Morgan Gillan and Thomas Battistini in BDU15.  They finished second losing to only one team.  It wasn’t just their strong placement – it was how well they played individually and as a team especially considering that 2 weeks ago they were really struggling.

Another somewhat unexpected positive was the strong play by Shrey Patel in U19 Singles.  He played one of his best matches ever in defeating Joshua Um of Newmarket in the semifinals in a 3 game match.  He showed great poise and determination as well as a very intelligent attack.

The final in BSU19 was all Falcons as Dhir Patel joined Shrey after having defeated the number one seed Jake Pridham from Machi.  This was a much anticipated and exciting match as Dhir had defeated Jake in their last meeting but with considerable difficulty.  This time Dhir was prepared and controlled the match from beginning to end and won in two decisive games with a lot of hard work and some amazing shots.  Dhir managed to defeat an exhausted Shrey in 2 games to win BSU19.